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HCG's Slightly-Abridged Bible
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An all-encompassing resource and practice guide for all of the scales, modes, CAGED system shapes, and arpeggios found on the HCG website.  Designed for easy printing and convenient practice.  Receive the "Bible" for FREE with email registration at HCG.  Registration is instant, 100% free, and 100% private

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The Mission of HCG

HCG has developed a surprisingly simple and elegant method for understanding the basic framework of how music works, and how it applies in patternistic ways on the neck of the guitar.  With this knowledge at your fingertips, the creative possibilities will be wide open whether you're an improviser, a composer, or just a player who wants to explore some new possibilities. 

Paul Murin, guitarist for Phix and the DeadPhish Orchestra, has created this website to provide a valuable resource for guitarists who want to learn the art of improvisation, and who want to hone their knowledge and skills with the best practice tools available on the web. 




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