Assorted Lessons

Killer Licks Using 6ths
A great collection of versatile licks that work in rock, blues, country, etc.

15 Mixolydian Licks
Based on the 5 CAGED shapes

Triads for Guitar part 1: Roadmap
Mapping out the fretboard using triads as your target points

Phish-related lessons on YouTube
21 of them so far!

The Modes

HCG Modes Workshop
A series of lessons that walks you through the modes, how they are created, and how they are used in improvisation and composition. Includes audio and video demos.

NEW: Re-Imagining The Modes
Similar to the lesson on pentatonics below, a way to look at the modes that is somewhat unconventional, but in many ways simpler than the standard ways in which the modes are taught.

Expanding on Pentatonics to Create Modes
Another way to take something familiar (pentatonic scales)
and expand on them just a bit to create the modes

Four Must-Know Arpeggios (and what to do with them)
Arpeggios make a great source of ideas within a modal improv context

Music Theory

HCG Music Theory Clinic
A lesson series that covers the basics of music theory, and boils it down to “the least you need to know.” Designed for beginning to intermediate players, with guitar-specific lessons. Covers the major scale, chord construction, and chord progressions in moderate depth. Come on in, the water’s fine!

Rhythm and Picking

HCG Rhythm Studies
Get to work on that picking hand with a series of short lessons designed to help you with accuracy and feel.

The Blues

A 3-part series of lessons designed to help guitarists incorporate some blues sensibility and phrasing into their solos:

Additional lesson:

The CAGED system

Intro to CAGED
A quick look at the CAGED system as a roadmap to the fretboard.

CAGED Intro on YouTube
Updated 2017

HCG Backing Tracks

Put all of your knowledge together with dozens of backing tracks, all shown with pertinent CAGED and scale diagrams for your reference.