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May 2017

Don’t hurt your audience’s ears!


This article showed up in my Facebook news feed today: Guitarists: Stop Hurting the Audience at Small Gigs! This is something I have long thought to be true. When I walk into a music venue and see the guitarist with his amp set up on the floor, pointing straight at his ankles, and straight the [...]

Don’t hurt your audience’s ears! 2017-05-15T17:11:22+00:00

HCG Blog Home


Sometimes I like to write stuff. Sometimes I run into cool videos or articles online. Here's where I'll collect all of that randomness. Scroll through the posts below, or check out the "categories" to your right.

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Trey Anastasio Rig Rundown video


Most people who are interested in this sort of thing have probably seen the videos of Trey Anastasio giving a rundown of the guitar rig he plays through when on tour with Phish. Even if you're not necessarily a Phish fan, I think you'll find these videos absolutely fascinating. Part 1 Part 2 A few thoughts: [...]

Trey Anastasio Rig Rundown video 2018-03-09T07:26:10+00:00

Memorizing Music


My band, DeadPhish Orchestra, has something like 250 songs in our repertoire. It's not uncommon for people to ask me, "how the hell do you memorize all that music?" Definitely a legitimate question. And sometimes I wonder about it myself–there was a time in my life when I had a hard time remembering where I [...]

Memorizing Music 2018-03-09T07:26:10+00:00

Tuck’s Law (Tuck Andress)


I lifted this piece directly from Tuck Andress’ website. It is hilarious! It’s basically a laundry list of all the ridiculous things that have gone wrong for Tuck at gigs in his life. I’m sure most professional musicians could come up with a similar list of their own, but it still probably wouldn’t be as funny as Tuck’s. The [...]

Tuck’s Law (Tuck Andress) 2018-03-09T07:26:10+00:00

Feeling the Funk


Stumbled across this video on The Gear Page today, and really thought it was worth re-posting here. This idea of feeling the music in your entire body is something I have discussed with my students quite a bit over the years.   Feeling a groove relates to the motion of your pick for sure, [...]

Feeling the Funk 2018-03-09T07:26:11+00:00

Jake Cinninger Interview (Umphrey’s McGee)


I'd have to say that Jake Cinninger might just be the best guitar player on the scene right now, at least in terms of raw skills.  Certainly one of the best, anyway. And a nice guy to boot, with virtually zero ego. I'm blown away by the breadth of this guy's skill set. He can [...]

Jake Cinninger Interview (Umphrey’s McGee) 2018-03-09T07:26:11+00:00

Mindful Vibrato


To me, one telltale sign of less experienced guitarists is that they tend to use vibrato CONSTANTLY, on any note that they let ring for more than about half a second. I have been, and still occasionally am, guilty of this. When guitarists do this, and sometimes when I listen to myself doing it, the [...]

Mindful Vibrato 2017-05-11T22:43:00+00:00