Backing track beta testing

Hey folks, I was having all kinds of trouble with the backing tracks as they were presented, so I have been experimenting with a new design. Tracks have been extended to 10 minutes (but no longer loop…you just have to re-start them after 10 minutes), now hosted on Soundcloud, accessed through these pages. Please check them out and let me know how they are working for you:

Grateful Dead backing tracks A-H (Althea thru Here Comes Sunshine)

Grateful Dead backing tracks J-W (Jack Straw thru The Wheel)

Phish Backing Tracks A-H (AC/DC Bag thru Harry Hood)

Phish Backing Tracks M-W (Maze thru Wolfman’s Brother)

12 Bar Blues Backing Tracks (all keys)

Ionian Backing Tracks (all keys)

Dorian Backing Tracks (all keys)

Lydian Backing Tracks (all keys)

Mixolydian Backing Tracks (all keys)