As a guitar teacher, I continually find that the #1 issue that most students need to work on is developing a good sense of feel in the picking hand. While it may look like the fretting hand is doing all of the fancy footwork, IMO it’s the picking hand that really drives the bus.

The main mechanism for good feel in the picking hand is alternate picking. I am personally pretty strict about my alternate picking, and have never spent much time with sweep picking etc., and I know that a lot of great players use that technique, but IMO that is a more advanced technique, and that you would still want to develop a good sense of feel with alternate picking before you delve into the other stuff.

This page will serve as home base for a big series of picking & rhythm studies that will continue to be a work in progress here at HCG. Most of these lessons are short (the videos are usually 3-5 minutes), because my philosophy on it is that the more different examples of this that you can practice, the faster it will become an automatic part of your playing. That is the hope–if you practice this stuff enough, you’ll be able to stop thinking about it, and good feel will become a natural part of your playing.