Transcription: Touch of Grey (studio)

//Transcription: Touch of Grey (studio)
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Jerry Garcia’s solo on the studio version of “Touch of Grey” is one of those iconic solos that’s so well constructed that it has become part of the song. When I play this song, I stick quite close to the original solo because if I don’t, I just don’t think it sounds right.

This solo is also a virtual clinic in arpeggios and the CAGED system. Just about every note lines up perfectly with the chord of the moment. And, in fact, the chord progression is interesting/complex enough that simple arpeggios of the chords mesh together quite well to make a great melody.

Here’s a full tab (clean, no annotations) of the solo. Scroll down for annotated tabs, as well as audio of me playing the solo slowly, and a backing track for you to practice it to.

Touch of Grey
Full Tab (PDF)

      Touch of Grey - full solo
      Touch of Grey - solo played slowly
      Touch of Grey - chords (backing track)
Touch of Grey - annotated tab pt. 1

Touch of Grey – annotated tab pt. 1

Touch of Grey - annotated tab pt. 2

Touch of Grey – annotated tab pt. 2

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