HCG Music Theory Clinic

A one-stop shop for learning the basics of music theory, the stuff that every guitarist should know. Come on in…the water’s fine, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

The Modes De-Mystified

If you’ve found yourself confused by the modes, set yourself straight with these lessons. You’ll wonder why you had a hard time understanding it in the first place.

The CAGED System

A simple tool for broadly mapping out the fretboard. Learn the concept in 5 minutes, and spend a lifetime putting it to use.

The HCG Blues Primer

The blues are the ABC’s of improvising. Build your blues vocabulary here!

HCG Rhythm Studies

A series of lessons designed to build a sense of rhythmic feel in the picking hand. Includes easier and more difficult lessons.

Other Assorted Lessons

  • Killer Licks Using 6ths
  • Four Must-Know Arpeggios
    (and what to do with them)
  • Triads for Guitar (pt. 1)
  • HCG on YouTube